Its just another manic monday oooohh ooohhh….
Diana had to work and we had to see more of Australia. So, we set out to see the GREAT OCEAN ROAD!! Our tour was scheduled with Go West, a company Diana and I had used before. We covered everything from the famous Bells Beach to Rain Forest and London Bridge. However two things happened which I have to tell you about. 

The first time I went on this tour, we stopped at bells beach, where the tour operators set up tea, coffee, and cookies. So when we walked out from the bus at our first stop, seeing the same setup in front of our parking spot was no surprise. Parked next to us was another bus operated by Go West, adding to my comfort in heading towards the table. Craig and I grab a cup and tea bag and began to pour hot water from a thermos. As we began to scoop in sugar a lady stood up and began walking backwards in our direction. She asked her guide, Tim, how many buses does your company operate? He stared back doe eyed in silence. She asked again, at the same time looking in our direction. The tour guide and I make eye contact, and I ask him, are you not with Go West? Tea Nazi storms away, her buddies in tow, and in apparent frustration. I respond back, humm, I guess that was the passive aggressive way of saying hey Tim, the black guys are drinking our tea! Awkward! I did garner a couple laughs, but after burning my tongue on the first few sips, I pour it out and returned the cup. Tim waved, no worries mate, and we were off to see the beach. 

Story 2 happens in the 2nd sepia picture above. This is Loch Ard’s Gorge. It is absolutely stunning! After clowning around a bit, I decided to take Craig’s Ipad and snap some pictures in a normally inaccessible cave. It is located far off to the right, where the water normally covers. I noticed that the water was unusually low, so I thought I would be able to run along the cliff side, sneak into the cave, and sneak back out. Hahaha, silly human. On occasion, the water would sneak up and tag your feet, but for the most part, no overly large crashing waves. Well not until I decide to walk up in there. I made it about 5 feet down the cliff wall and all of a sudden I see the ocean suck back. Oh Sh!t. Its all over I thought, with enough sense to stand on a couple rocks, my hands in the air, attempting to protect Craig’s Ipad. The wave that formed was about 2 feet, nothing crazy, but I was by a cave which is normally submerged! When the water came crashing in, it got my boots and pants, no biggie. As the water receded, I thought, here’s my chance. I began to make a run for it, only to see an even larger wave bearing down on me. Ahhh, this is really it. I emerged back on the beach, soaked to the bone. Sand was in my shoes and underwear and so much water in my Boots, I was able to take them off and pour a puddle into the sand. Guess what? Ipad wasn’t touched! Take your damn thingy back Craig, I’m thru, lets go. 

Bonus Pic:
So we spent the week waiting for Chef Ronnie to put his hat on and cook us up something good! The wait was worth it! He concocted this experimental dish after remembering a dish he loved at a restaurant he ate at recently. Cranberries, cashews, fresh pear, and Brie cheese bruschetta. The fruits, nuts, and berries we soaked in Frangelico and once done, set atop the bread with the Brie and baked. AMAZING!! lil snack which we ate as we sipped on a New Zealand Riesling!

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