Last full day in Melbourne. Its so hard to say goodbye, especially when you have excellent house guest. This is reminding me of Japan all over again, Hi Rachel! Tired from standing in front of the lens for 9 days, we set out camera-less and made mental memories all day. I contacted Yarra Valley Wine Tours and set up a day trip to see and taste the Vineyards in the Valley. Our driver Di, short for Diane, was great! We got her to open up rather easily and quickly found out she was getting into Roller Derby (Hey Nsharin). We spent the better half of the drive to Yarra, trying to come up with her name. Punky Bruiser? no? okay then. Oh man just thought of another, Roll-or-Di, Roller Di? no….wahh..
Being that Diana had made some request, as per our previous trip to Yarra, we went to Yering Station first where we picked up a bunch of wines, olive oil, and Dukah(sp). Now, usually you go to maybe four vineyards including your lunch destination. But I think because we were having such a great time in between tastings, we were treated to the extended tour. We hit 6! Thats a lot of wine! To top it off though, we were given the privilege or going to Yarra Valley Dairy, where I had some of the best cheeses ever in life, as well as a wine tasting!!

Here is where we visited:

Yering Station- great creme de cuve!

Punt Road- Amazing apple cider. Floral notes lol

Dominique Portet- our server was a cute lil costa rican lady, my charm and broken spanish led to more    
                              wine and talk of tostones and empanadas mmmmm.

Tokar Estate- Met the owner of this self proclaimed new kid on the block and Family run vineyard. She  
                      was the type that you could easily misjudge, but opened up quickly with our humor on
                      full bore. She had taken a trip to Ny and was so blessed to see Flushing…smh, flushing
                      queens was her Ny experience. Oh and she referred to the Asians as Orientals…really
                      shaking my head now!

Sutherland Estate- Decent selection, but not to our preference. Had the worlds best smelling bathroom!! 
                             We even took the manager in there to show her how great it was and she said
                             the woman’s wasn’t even that good.

Yarra Valley Dairy- World class goats cheeses. Most amazing marinated persian feta!!!! I would easily
                                 pay $50 for the tin I got. The wines were really good too. They offered up several
                                 selections including a moscatito, which I got a couple bottle of.

Immediately after the wine tasting we went over to Richmond, for Mountain Goat Brewery. They give free tours and have a good selection of brews to choose from. Oh, and don’t let me forget to mention, their homemade pizza’s. Yumm! I choose the sampler of beers and got 5 of their brews served at once in a satisfying portion to boot. As if all of this wasn’t enough to fill the day, we ended the night, yet again, at kingpin. This is our third night here this week! Yesterday we played horse, BOWLING! This turned out to be the craziest night yet. As one of the bartenders hosted a going away party, we were greeted by our new friends with open arms and had an evening full of debauchery!!

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