Whats up with my face?

Ma Ma ma ma ma ma, Ron wrote a cook book! Can we get one? Please, please, please!?
To celebrate the publishing of Ron’s Newest Cookbook Peace of Mind Presents: Oodles of Options- A survival Guide to Life… Outside of your Mother’s Kitchen, we had a photo-shoot. Sorry guys, you’ve got me today (the artistic director) Diana’s at work, so you’ll have to settle for the apprentice. We spent nearly 6 hours walking the Lane-ways of the CBD & South Melbourne, setting up promotional photos. Despite the time we spent doing it, we had fun the entire day. The pic’s up above are some of our outtakes. No worries though, once we’re done in the editing room, you’ll see the madness that MOJO created 8D 

Remember it is always important to support the people you know and care about. Whether in life as life or in their business ventures. No matter how normal or “extra” their idea’s seem to be, lend a hand. It costs nothing to say, good job, keep it up. You have my support. In in the case of a cookbook, you can be a taste tester! There’s your benefit if you don’t believe in reciprocity.

The bidness: Peace of Mind a.k.a PACE di MENTE

Last Pic’s
We met with Diana for lunch @ World. I’d only been here for drinks after work, and didn’t realize they had quite a worldly menu…hahaha get it, ’cause their name is world….sorry
For entree we had the Vietnamese Calamari: crispy salt and pepper calamari with daikon radish, carrot, bean shoots, spring onion, mint and coriander leaves dressed with a nuoc nam cham sauce and toasted peanuts
Top platter: Mezze spread *spiced cauliflower dip *kangaroo salami *marinated artichokes *aged manchego cheese drizzled with manuka honey *mushroom, date and pancetta palillos*selection of bread and lavash*lion head meatballs *herb and chilli marinated olives *baja spiced tiger prawn skewers
Bottom platter: Soft Tacos: autéed chicken fillets marinated in achiote with white bean puree, nopales cactus and pico de gallo salsa, grilled tiger prawn and canadian scallop with avocado salsa, coriander and lime, pork marinated in pineapple juice, garlic, oregano, cumin and chipotle with white onions, pineapple, coriander and smoky two chilli salsa

This is a bar lounge. With no expectations at all, I would say that I was impressed with the presentation and quality of food. I will definitely be back again!!

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