Talk about a LONG day, get it… l  o  n  g  day? sorry, moving on
We started out our saturday by heading over to Victoria Market. Souvenir and odds & ends shopping was in order. This is a must see for any trip, any where you go. A market is the epi-center for daily happenings. You really get to see the people, and see the culture. After quite a few purchases, we headed over to Brunswick St. This is a really artsy and eclectic area in Fitzroy. Even better when it comes to raw photography opportunities. The graffiti is decadent and plentiful. The colors pop from their surfaces and the images are ever changing. This lil trip turned into a 3hr photo-shoot. It was too much fun, and I am glad we had friends around to join in and enjoy the experience with. We soon stopped by the Rose St. Artist market. Diana and I, without fail, found more pieces of art from our favorite Melb. Artist, Carey Potter. The guys found their own pieces around the market and we all left very satisfied with our purchases.  

The evening took us around the city, with our first stop for dinner and drinks at Town Hall for our friend “Antwan’s” Birthday hahaha.. still full from the meat-pie the night before, it was a little less dinner and a lil more drinking. We moved on from Town Hall to a place where we heard there would be a live band playing FUNK and specializing in JAMES BROWN, OOOOWWWWW!! We’re there man! Free entry, not too crowded, and great live cover band. We danced, and danced, and danced. The vibe was amazing and the group we came with showed no signs of being shy. And, we danced. The night ended at a club named H.Q.   
We should have stayed at the Night Cat. Nevertheless, we’ll be back for Salsa Sunday!!

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