What trip to Australia would be complete without experiencing the country’s national sport? (which Ironically turns out to be primarily regional to Victoria) We went to see a game of Footy. Hawthorne Hawks vs Geelong Cats. SNORRR… sorry. I without a doubt respect the game. I love the fans even more. Buttt……In the way of organized sports, there is way too much chaos for me to know or follow whats going on. When I have the brain power to educate myself further I will. I’ve attended several games and have eaten a (mystery) meat-pie, I’m 25% Aussie already. 
Speaking of Meat-Pie (mind out of the gutter please)   
Second right of passage for our out of town guest, was the meat-pie. So gloriously wrapped in plastic and steamed to a crispy mush. Odd how that happens. They went in. Armed with napkins and a kilo of tomato sauce, Craig and Ron began padding their colons. Still alive, they professed their love for australia, turned into Kangaroos and began boxing all the fans, haha. At least that’s what I was dreaming as I slept through the first half of the game. Meat-pies, check. Footy game, check. The list is slowly getting smaller. 

We ended the night by going out to a club, that Diana and I had not been to. It is close to the house, and if the night turned out like every other, it would make for a quick walk to Maccas (Australian for McDonalds) and back home. Fabrique looks cool from the outside. The architecture is old Melbourne and the inside is all N.Y. Meatpacking District. The DJ was better than most and there was cheap cheap bottle service. Shhhh don’t tell anyone I told you. Supposedly, there is a law against bottle service in Melbourne, someone didn’t get the memo. Nonetheless, we did it. Got settled at our table and had a seriously fun night out on the town. The girls will be here in Oct. so you know I can’t wait for part II with the sexy ladies 😀 

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