Tonight we went bowling at Kingpin. Ahhh Crown, so many entertainment options….. Anyway, when we got home after the days activities we were feeling the jet lag set in. We ate dinner and attempted to come up with a plan for the evening, but started to fall victim to heavy eye lids. Diana, always quick on her feet, suggested bowling and within minutes we were on our way. As we stood at the front desk at Kingpin Bowling, ordering our shoes and paying for our lane, we were greeted by staff, with smiles. We got to our lane, where we were met by a few gentlemen who were occupying the space casually. They began to move their things, but in a gesture of kindness I told them it was okay to keep their things where they were. To our surprise we found out they were the General & Operations Managers of Kingpin. They recognized our accents to be obviously different from their own and as it turned out, the Ops. Mgr. was originally from Buffalo, NY. We all got to talking and eventually the beer and shots began flowing. It barely amazes me how far a small gesture of kindness will get you sometimes. Whether it’s a couple of words or actually going out of your way. Sometimes you actually end up meeting some good people in the process. The night came to an end but not without receiving an invite to join them for another night out. They would be watching New Zealand take on Tonga in Fridays Rugby game. To cap it off, they would be making “American” style buffalo wings. Nuff said, sold!! Side note: Wings as they exist in Australia, just are not the same. The hot sauce is either a variant of tabasco, or the popular Peri-Peri. Neither of which make for a proper hot-wing in my opinion. So the Wings he promised were more than enough encouragement to make it back to Kingpin for Friday.   

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