What a freakin’ travel nightmare this has been! 
Not only were my flights cancelled twice due to the hurricane, AND not only did I have to wait 24 hours between my flight into LA and my flight to Melbourne…. but then my flight gets cancelled — again!
I arrived in L.A. on Monday night. My flight to Melbourne was Tuesday night. No problem. So I’m at the airport on Tuesday night ready to board the plane for Melbourne. At the very last minute there’s an announcement that the plane is not flying due to “mechanical issues” and that the flight is rescheduled for Wednesday night. **Grrrr**
At the time of the announcement I did not freak out, I did not get stressed, I did not cry. I was surprisingly calm and whatever about the whole situation (even with the travel nightmares I endured that week).  I made a few calls to get picked up and that was that. There was no need to have a hissy fit over something I could not control. I strongly believe that things happen for a reason so I chose not to waste my energy on the cancellation.
As I waited for my hero (Lady Tee) to pick me up I saw an elderly couple waiting for their ride too.  They were so cute! They helped each other with their bags, they leaned on each other when they were tired, and kept each other laughing. I don’t know what their story was but I imagine them being married for ages and in the middle of a big travel adventure that was rudely interrupted by a cancelled flight.  I remember thinking how much I wish Adonis and I are like this in the future. I hope that we are fearless and continue to travel in our old age. I hope that age “ain’t nothing but a number” and that we look like this couple in the future. 

2 Replies to “Day 151: Hopefully our future”

  1. I love seeing adorable older couples…and you are right we all hope that years from now that is us with the love of our life.

    Glad that there was a ray of sunshine through the otherwise crappy day. And yay for my sister Lady Tee


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