Today I travelled down to Salisbury, M.D. to help move my sister into her new school. Salisbury University. She is completing her Masters of Fine Arts and I couldn’t be more proud of her. 

After spending the last couple days not feeling 100%, I decided a road trip and some positive family time was in order. I had just dropped Diana off at the airport yesterday and was already missing my partner in crime. The trip was long one, even for me. I’m about an 1.5hr from the NYC, my family’s home (pitstop) is 3.5hrs from Ny, and Darions school was another 2hr’s from there. As I pulled onto campus, I was immediately transported back to Morgantown, remembering my move into “towers”. It seemingly goes the same no matter where you attend. The parents rush for a good spot by the front doors, students stand Bambi eyed on the curb next to a pile of their crap, and RA’s run around trying to keep everything in order. Parents get the students settled into their rooms, then off to target, walmart, and the grocery store to stock the mini fridge. No worries, we did the same. Hung clothing, lunch at Ruby Tuesday, Walmart, and back in the room to organize it all.

Side Note: I love my sister so much. We found “angry birds” wall vinyls, she let me buy em’ and stick them all around her room! Even if she took them down as soon as I left, she still let me do it, and it was a good laugh. 

About an hour into getting settled, the fire alarm boomed through the halls. Its starting already, I thought to myself. Damn I loved college. We all filed outside and began to wait patiently in the great lawn. The RA’s shuffled around and then addressed the crowed of exhausted eyes, “this is real and you’re not going back in the building for a while, so if you have you meal cards go eat, otherwise, we’ll see ya’s later!” We found Darion’s roomates through the thick crowd, and figured this would be a great time to get a look at campus. We meandered through the buildings, taking mental notes of all the building names and short cut paths of travel. Darion’s roomies were in the process of preparing dinner before the fire alarm went off. They went to grab some crabs before coming back to realize they’d be toting a couple pounds of crab around campus for the next hour. So yea, everywhere we walked smelled like crab. Eventually everything went back to normal. Dari was fully moved in and I was back on my way to the Md/D.C. Metro area for more family time. 

Our first official day together was unexpectedly eventful for me. I stayed with my girlie Em in L.A. for the night. She’s a crime analyst and asked me to go to work with her.  I said, “Sure!”.  I woke up early due to jet lag but quickly fell back asleep in a slump because the husbantry wasn’t laying next to me. She picked me up during lunch and took me to work with her where she surprised me and told me I was going on a ride along with the Sheriff’s department!!!
I signed my waiver, slapped on the bullet proof vest, buttoned up the raid jacket, and hopped in the back seat of the car. I didn’t know what expect. They briefed me on what to do… just in case. During our ride I asked questions as they pointed out many different gang territories.  We pulled over and searched a few guys, did a car stop, and a house call. The whole time I couldn’t help but think of Adonis and how much he would have loved to ride along. Em promised he’d get his chance when he’s in L.A. Before the guys dropped me back off at the station, we had lunch at a seafood truck.  Delicious! I wish I would have taken a picture of the food but I was busy stuffing my face with shrimp cocktail!

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