From Diana:
I got the chance to visit Adonis’ family’s home on Lewis Ave in Bed-Stuy. It still surprises me how close his family is from where I grew up on Nostrand & Gates Ave in Bed-Stuy. The hubsteroo grew up like 10 mins from me. It’s crazy.
Today was the funeral.  This was particularly difficult for me because this was my first time. I went through my own range of emotions during the service. But, my emotions were overwhelmed because I also felt Adonis’ sorrow. It’s strange because ever since we received the news I could just feel his sadness. We followed the funeral procession all the way to the cemetery where we gave our last (physical) goodbye. I say physical goodbye because we know her spirit will continue to be present in our lives. 
Too much going on in the brain right now, but I’ll share my overall thoughts and lessons learned in a post later this week.

Here are some bonus Brooklyn pics:

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