Day 145: "Welcome to Brooklyn. Believe the Hype!"

Damn it felt good to be back in Brooklyn. The brownstones, the people, the corner stores, etc. etc.

The pictures above of are my beloved Brooklyn Bridge. Adonis proposed to me at these very columns!
Click here to see our engagement blog post from our photogs, Photo Pink!

We attended Grandma’s Ruthie’s wake. It was so obvious the impact she had on this world. On this day she was surrounded by so many family and friends <– who are family. Oh, and yes, I said the impact she made on this world. You may not know it now, but you too can truly leave your mark in the world. I was reminded of that lesson this weekend. Live life the best you can and the best you know how to and you too will make your impact.

Did you know that Brooklyn has “Welcome” and “Good-Bye” signs on it’s bridges?? Yup! We sure do, click here to see them.

Adonis was also reunited with “The Beast” (his Challenger). It felt good to ride in the fast, obnoxiously and satisfyingly loud Challenger. I missed it so I KNOW how much he missed it!