From Diana:
As soon as I stepped foot on American soil, I have to admit it felt so good. It was nice to hear the immigration agent at LaGuardia airport say:

“Welcome home to the home of the free and the land of the brave”.

Then, we were kinda turned around when we saw the traffic go the opposite (but right) way lol. Then it was amazing to see my mom in her hot new car waiting to pick us up. You see my mom had been at work all day. She lives in Jersey now but drove all the way to NY to pick us up by 11:30pm. I knew she was tired and felt the excitement in her body as she hugged me and Adonis. It was electrifying.

Adonis drove us 2 hours upstate to his dad’s house where we were staying. Mom slept over.

It was so nice to see familiar surroundings. To see the city lit up at night. To pay with American dollars (even though it isn’t as strong now).

We all fell asleep at almost 3am and woke up early morning. We took mom birthday shopping for some workout clothes and sneakers. And, visited Adonis’ barber for a fresh cut (see pic above).

The highlight of my day: Visiting our dog-son Tyson.
I was worried he would either be mad at me for leaving and/or worried he would have forgotten who I was after not seeing him for 7 months. But nope! My baby jumped all over me for a few short minutes. I was so happy he was excited to see us. We played with him for the afternoon and could keep our hands off of him. He is still as silly, sweet, and well-behaved as when we left him. I miss our baby. Our little family felt complete for a couple of short hours.

One Reply to “Day 144: A small family reunion”

  1. awww the baby! Hi Mighty Ty– I am so glad he doesn't feel like a neglected babe and was super happy to see his parents, thats the great thing about dogs they are loyal and loving!



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