Our bags were barely unpacked from out Thailand/Japan trip, so it made it fairly easy to pack for this quick trip.

We weren’t planning on coming back home while we were in Melbourne. Mainly because it would require me to take vacation time and because I think it would be hard for me to go home for a little while and then leave. So, we rather not take the trip home. However, going to see Grandma Ruthie was a mandatory trip… for both of us.

Our flight was booked and when we looked at our itinerary we knew it wasn’t going to be any easy trip home. Here is the itinerary more or less:

(1) Melbourne to Sydney
(2) Sydney to Los Angeles
(3) LA to Chicago
(4) Chicago to New York

                                     …. and, we weren’t flying Qantas.

|| (Pause):
Qantas is the best airline ever in life! No matter which class you fly, you are guaranteed a tasty meal, a personal television screen where you can enjoy unlimited movies and tv shows, outlets in your seat so you can plug in your laptop or cell phone to charge, and plenty of comfy seat/leg room. Qantas is seriously the undisputed best airline we have ever flown… and we have collectively flown Business Class, Premium Economy, and Economy. It the best in all categories.

|> (Play):
We instead flew United Airlines because they were the most affordable flight we could find. Anyways, the trip was as agonizing as it sounded. We spent a total of 25 hours in the air with terribly uncomfortable seats, barely any in-flight entertainment, and “blah” food. We wasted time on the flights by catching up on Sons of Anarchy (Season 2), The Office, and Boogie Nights. I started to work on the outline of one of my dream community service projects (details on that on another post), and Adonis worked on Garage Band. Even with two laptops and an iPod working on overtime, the flight back home was horrible.

Oh….. AND there was an EARTHQUAKE back home while we were en route! … AND we read about serious hurricane warnings for the weekend…. WTF?! Not only were we on a long uncomfortable flight to attend Grandma Ruthies funeral, but now we have to quickly call home to find out if our family and friends were OK and begin tracking this hurricane for the trip back to Melbourne.

This was seriously some bullshit and not the way we wanted to come back home. Grandma Ruthie’s passing was about enough we could handle but then we had to toughen up for an earthquake and a hurricane. There hadn’t been an earthquake in New York in 20+ years and Hurricane Irene was the first serious hurricane warning in New York in two centuries. What are the odds that BOTH of these would hit in the same week. Some bullshit I tell ya!

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