We were finally back in Melbourne, Australia after a 6 hour layover in Shanghai, China which went by pretty quickly considering it was 12 hours of flying. We watched an entire season of NY Ink to get us by (thank you iTunes)! It was surprisingly comforting to get back to our familiar home away from home. We spent the entire day sleeping and recuperating from a 10 hour flight where a baby managed to cry loudly for 8 hours. Sheesh!

We found ourselves weirdly glad to be back. Don’t get us wrong, we are very appreciative of the amazing travel opportunity, we will never forget the things we got to see, and we can’t wait for the next time we get to see the Lunas. However, it was nice to get back to the familiar surroundings.

It left us wondering how it will feel to finally be back home…. in the Empire State of New York City where we’ll be surrounded by our real home, our long-time family & friends, and our dog-son Tyson (who we miss terribly).

Thank you Samui, Bangkok, and Okinawa for being good to us. Next up? The rest of Australia!!

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