Our last full day in Okinawa was our most memorable.

We woke up early for breakfast at a cute cafe/deli near the base called “Casa Casa”. We needed a good morning meal for all the snorkeling we would do at Cape Meada.

|| (Pause).

The day before we tried to go snorkeling. We heard that Cape Meada was tough terrain and needed sea BOOTS (not water shoes). We also heard that once we went down the stairs that we would basically meet a pretty steep drop. That scared me since I’m new to snorkeling and hadn’t snorkeled without a life jacket. It was also a bit iffy to Rachel and Adonis because we didn’t have the right shoes, etc. So the day before we went to another beach to try snorkeling. We weren’t successful at all. We walked at least 15 minutes from the beach and the water reached no higher than my knees. Those waters were also FULL of sea cucumbers… ugh. After unsuccessful snorkeling and very successful sea-glass collecting, we headed to Cape Meada juuuust to have a quick look.  We were all in awe, quickly fell in love, and unanimously decided to return the next day to snorkel.

|> (Play!)

So, we reach Cape Meada on our last full day in Okinawa and it was absolutely beautiful!!! The day before I was so freaked out about snorkeling because I was afraid of the fish but as soon as we hit this natural beauty all of these fears vanished into thin air. The water was completely clear. Seriously, we could swim at the top and see straight down to the bottom that was at least 20 ft below us. There were so many people out there diving and snorkeling. There were countless fish and many species of fish.

I was worried because I didn’t think I was a strong enough swimmer to snorkel without a life vest.  I had a little floating board to keep me up. Honestly, my fear got the best of me. After a while of snorkeling, I let go of my floating thingy and just swam. I proved that this “weak swimmer” thing was all in my head. I swam far and long all on my own. I even tried to swim all the way down to the bottom on my own (w/ the husbantry watching me of course lol).  We are so happy to have snorkeled here. It was the best snorkeling we had ever done.

After 2 hours of snorkeling, we headed to Arashi (aka The Ticket Place) for lunch. It’s called the Ticket Place because we select your meal from this vending machine thingy. You give your ticket to the counter and ta-da, your food appears! The food was a-mazingly delicious.

We ended the night with some last minute souvenir shopping and dinner with our new couple friends… at the Garlic House — again lol.

One Reply to “Day 137: Natural Beauty”

  1. Yay for snorkeling! absolutely amazing and (ewww sea cucumbers– lol the only thing funny about them is the jiz they squirt to ward off enemies, haha) anywho i digress…

    so glad you got to let go and enjoyed the natural beauty!


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