Our last day in Bangkok was …. unexpected.

We woke up really late and left the hotel for some delicious lunch. Man oh man was it good! We then decided to see Captain America at a fancy shmancy movie theater. We got reclining chairs, blankets, pillows, and alcoholic beverages! Captain America was goooood and our fav part was that he was from Brooklyn!

We headed back to the hotel after the movie to get dressed for a nice dinner out. I don’t know what made me check but I looked up our departing flights. Thank god I did because our flight was leaving that night!! NOT the next night like we THOUGHT it was! We quickly packed and headed to the airport so that we could begin the 3rd and final leg of our trip: Okinawa, Japan!

After one flight delay and one layover we were out of Bangkok.

We have some unfinished business in Bangkok so we’ll be back for the walking food tour and Thai cooking lessons.

One Reply to “Day 128: Unexpected Last Day”

  1. haha thank goodness for the read up because I was looking like why is adonis lounging like that at a club, lmbo.

    ooo thai cooking lessons sounds fun fun fun! But my oh my I am soooo glad you didn't miss your flight my frequent fliers


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