Two perfect examples of how big Bangkok really is are the Siam Paragon Complex & Chatuchak Market (Weekend Market).
We started our afternoon by heading over the the 35 acre Chatuchak Weekend Market.  Yes, 35 arces of thousands of people, vendors, humidity, and chaos. You can literally find ANYTHING you need and want at this market including sharks, pet porcupine, pet squirrels, jewelry, food, clothes, souvenirs, and buskers.
After the market we headed over the Siam Paragon which is a combination of a few other massive malls. The Siam Paragon has a full sized aquarium, a luxury auto gallery displaying Lamborghini’s and the likes, and countless designer stores. Yes all of this was impressive but it wasn’t the most impressive. The most impressive part as the “food hall”.  This mall’s food court was bigger than the entire mall back home. We don’t exaggerate when we say there were a minimum of 100 places to eat. We eventually stumbled upon “Asian Cuisine” where we had the best food!! Lamb Curry, Chicken in Coconut soup, fresh fruit juice, Dim Sum etc. etc. Yum!

We found out that our hotel is walking distance from Soi Cowboy (the red light district). After dinner we headed over to walk this strip. Nothing too crazy except what you would expect: women dressed like strippers, countless young and old white men with Thai girls, music, lights, and drinks.

One Reply to “Day 127: BKK is Massive”

  1. 🙂 this is amazing. so umm did you grab me and Bryce a pet porcupinen (I've been wanting it for a long time now, pleaseeee) I will call him “fluffy”.

    this place is amazing and I have to be honest it didn't make my bucket list but after seeing your pics I think I might have to change that! Thank you for sharing your adventures. Bryce loves the lights and asks “can I go there with Nana and Uncle Adon” I told him you two aren't there anymore you were there on vacay he was like “ooooh (insert pouty face)”


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