We were able to see more of Samui yesterday (not just Chaweng Beach). Here are some of the highlights:

  • Big Buddha, which was stunning. How in the world do you even begin to build something so big and so detailed. 
  • We also learned that the Thai people have a pretty good sense of humor because we went to see “Grandfather rock” which was shaped like a penis and “grandmother rock” which is shaped like a…. you guessed it! Shaped like a va-jay-jay. Hahahaha. We think it’s funny that this was included as part of our tour. We’re glad we got to see this because one minute we were on a very narrow road and the next minute we are overlooking an amazing rock/beach/sea view.
  • Visited a beautiful stone magic garden.
  • Checked out Na Muang Waterfall (2).
  • Saw some animal shows that weren’t interesting at all at but were part of the tour.
  • Finally — we enjoyed a trek on an elephant! 
We finished off the night by ordering room service and enjoying the heavy rain from our room.

4 Replies to “Day 122: Around Samui”

  1. i think “jealous” is the understatement of the century! it seems so beautiful there! the grandmother and grandfather rock is hilarious! and the waterfall looks so refreshing!!!


  2. awesome: Elephant ride cool: mummified monk with shade on (my man! high five) surreal: magic garden and happy: the Longs you two look happy and adorable


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