It was a busy 3rd day in Samui! We walked sooooo much! We started by venturing outside the resort and onto the Chaweng Walking Street. The first think you quickly notice are these fascinating spirit houses outside of homes and businesses. Click the link for more information about them.

We stumbled upon an art gallery where the paintings looked printed, drawn, or anything except painted. It was amazing. We spent the rest of the afternoon walking up and down the strip and then we walked the other half of Chaweng Beach — which is much more lively than the half we are on.

We had lunch at Eat Sense on the beach. We have over simplified the names and description of our dishes. Checkout the Eat Sense website for the menu. What’s important to know is that this food was absolutely delicious! The flavors and the feel were amazing!!

Later at night we headed over to Spirit House Restaurant and Spa. This place was gorgeous!! And, the food — OMG — the best meal so far!! Again, the food descriptions don’t do our meal any justice, please checkout the website for the exact descriptions.

We didn’t realize house close the restaurant was from our hotel so we just walked back and we’re glad we did! The Chaweng Walking Street just comes alive at night and is just buzzing with people, food, drinks, and vendors.

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