Day 120: Traditional Lazy Day

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Whenever we have a beach vacay the 2nd day is always the lazy day. We basically sit on the beach and do nothing (except tan and listen to music). Before dinner we sat at the bar with our fav bartender. I knocked over two drinks *embarrassing*  The first spill was the spirit’s fault and the 2nd spill was an honest mistake. I probably would have knocked it over if I was sober. Anyway… our bartender admitted that her 10 yr old son looks like a lady boy. Kinda want to meet him now (hehehe) 

One Reply to “Day 120: Traditional Lazy Day”

  1. lmbo a lady boy…haha! I want to meet him to sounds FAB!

    knocking over drinks ahhhh party foul, flag on the play, get her outta here. hehe Here is to lazy days one the beach even BETTER!


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