We landed in Thailand safely early Saturday morning. The Koh Samui Airport is sooooooo cute. It has an open airport concept and doesn’t look like an airport at all. Some of the other passengers thought it was a hotel. When the plane landed, we were escorted to a mini bus and driven to the terminal. The terminal looks like a tropical hut (so cute!). Even though the airport is tiny, it made a big impression.

So far, we are diggin’ our resort. Last minute we decided to upgrade to the “Pool Suite” <<< fancy! We have a plunge pool in our room! The downside to this ultra fanciness is that there are a lot of mosquitos near by and sneak into our room (grrrr!). The only other con is the rock hard bed!! We had to ask for another mattress pad to soften it up. It helped but no significant difference.

We are trying to pick up on some key Thai words. So far we have “Hello” and “Thank You”. It’s not much but it’s a start.

Side note: Whenever we go on a vacation it is guaranteed to rain! We have no idea how we always end with rain, but it’s expected now so we aren’t surprised. After we were settled, we took a quick walk along Chaweng Beach. Half way through the walk back to the hotel it begins to pour!! We were caught in the rain, but we didn’t run. We just enjoyed it and continued to walk along the beach (with our feet in the water).

One Reply to “Day 119: DIONIS does Samui”

  1. that bottom pic looks like a postcard….ooooh just got an idea (do that sometimes) how about you send me postcards but of your photos not the cliche we went here and heres a postcard…nooooo I want that says we went here and I took this pic for you here's a postcard!


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