Day 115: Up and Away

Here are some interesting shots from today:
Picture above:
As I walked back to work from lunch, I looked at the sign (which I see everyday) and thought it was funny. It’s just floating legs, kinda ghostly.  Why didn’t they show a whole person walking?? lol. Just as I was about to snap the picture I noticed this lady walking across the street so I waited until her legs looked like the sign, ta-da!
The picture below is of a helicopter right smack in the middle of the Yarra River and city. In the mornings you can see hot air balloons flying low near the city (it’s beautiful!) and then in the afternoons you see these helicopter tours. If you are not from the area and work in a high rise building, seeing a chopper so low near all these buildings (including yours) kinda freaks you out! Uh, yea it took some getting used to.