Today was an unexpectedly good day.
We woke up late (as usual for a Sunday) by a phone call from our new friend, Angie.  Her brother plays on Adonis’ football team. Anyway, she invited us out for lunch at a Vietnamese food spot in Footscray. We had originally planned to go to the gym and then the markets to get some fruits and veggies. But, we quickly scratched that to go to meet up with Angie and a few of Adonis’ teammates. 
The Vietnamese food spot was gooood. Yum, yum, yuuum! After lunch, we decided to grab a quick drink before we saw Transformers 3. We liked the movie but glad we didn’t see it in 3D. It was way too much for 3D.
We’re so glad that we continue to meet good people here in Melbourne. The kind of people that let us into their world and that we can let in our world too. Kinda cool. 

One Reply to “Day 106: Good People”

  1. new friend?? ummmm ahem I'm sorry what? (you know I am territorial)lol fine fine I will be nice- Hi new friend of the Long's.

    Transformers was awesome but why do the decepticons have the cool names? freaking soundwave was my boy lol. anyway much too much for 3d.


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