From Diana:
Tonight we were invited to the pre-grand opening at Mana Bar in Melbourne. Soooo why the video games??  Well, it’s a video gaming bar! Come in, have a drink, play a game or two, and have fun. Love Love the concept. I think I want one of these bars. I’ll add it to my “I want I want I want” List.

We played “Call of Duty”, “Street Fighter” <– Oooh yea!, and "Raskulls". I think it's fair to say that Raskull was our favorite of the night.

Thanks for the invite Fatty!!

3 Replies to “Day 103: Mana Bar”

  1. ooo i am jealous! looks fun! that is a great concept!

    great job capturing mood in these photos! felt like i was there! but without getting to play streetfighter 😦


  2. WHAT?? I am there when I come visit I want to go here okay??
    super mario bros, drinks, sexy ambience, whats(feel my excitement) hehe its like a grown adn sexy teenage basement party lol for older more refined peeps


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