Day 93: Health & Wellness Update (6)

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From Diana:
Don’t like being in the gym 3-4 times a week? Do another physical activity to keep you on track.  I don’t really like the gym.  It’s ugly, smelly at times, and boring. So, I’m taking up dance once a week so that way I only go to the gym twice a week.
Do you guys remember my Epic Fail on Day 59? Well, I feel like I redeemed myself tonight. I tried a different dance studio and this time a tried a beginners “Reggeaton & Dancehall class”. I learned my lesson, don’t worry.  Anyway, the class went really well, I was able to catch up, and it’s in a much better location. I signed up for a 6 class pass.  Adonis said he’d go to the “Street Salsa” class with me, hehehe. I’m not going to lie… I can already tell that I’m going to be sore tomorrow.
Anyway, if you don’t like the gym, then sign up for another physical activity at least once a week.  Back home I would do a sports league each season. What is your alternative?
From Adonis:
Im close to hitting a plateau. I’ve been waiting for this time to come, so I could simply over come it. However, the past two weeks were slow going because I found an excuse to cheat a little too much. Friday night last week, we went to a dinner party. Saturday, we went to a house warming. Both of which had the most amazing spreads of food. This week we went out to dinner a couple times and had lunch at restaurants. So while I lost a little, I didn’t do nearly as well as I could have. While I feel the plateau coming, I am happy to have found another source of exercise. I successfully joined the Melbourne Royals football team (known as Gridiron here). With this new avenue of physic I’m excited to shake things up. 

One Reply to “Day 93: Health & Wellness Update (6)”

  1. I seeeee you! hehehehe

    Every time I catch up with your blog I continue to be impressed with and inspired by your willingness to explore and try new things ANNND the creative way in which you capture each experience. I think it's great and sometimes I wish I'm hanging with you two so I can do the same(hehehe soon enough, hopefully).

    My goal for the summer is self-discovery by way of new, fun activities!

    <3 leash


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