Day 90: Fireworks Friday

From Diana:
No 4th of July this year *tear*.
I absolutely love the BBQs, the friends, the family, the vibe… and of course the fireworks.  The 4th of July always reminds me of my best woman, Nikki.  Her favorite holiday is the 4th. The good news is that Melbourne has fireworks every Friday in July! How cool is that?? So, not only do we get fireworks the Friday before the 4th, but we get fireworks the week after, the week after that, and then the week after that!! It doesn’t replace a good ol’ American Independence Day celebration, but it helps ya know.
We watched the pre-firework entertainment and the fireworks… which was synced with Lady Gaga related music! This reminded me of my sister because she loooooves Lady Gaga. So tonight made me a little homesick, OK, I’ll admit it. lol.  But, it didn’t make me sad. Just made me more appreciative for the amazing support system we have back home.  So, thank you family & friends.
After the fireworks, we headed to Meat & Wine Co. for some…. meat and drinks!!
We’ll see what Melbourne will bring us tomorrow.
By the way … I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I LOVE MY MICRO FOUR THIRDS CAMERA!