From Diana:
During lunch, the guys at work were talking about what a good second date would be.  Naturally the conversation lead to first dates and the dating scene.  Which, is something I know very little about lol.  However, that didn’t stop me from revealing my “3 Date Plan”.
This 3 Date Plan was all made up on the spot based on the conversation, so this has not been proven but it makes a lot of sense!
Date #1: Go out for a coffee or hot chocolate.
This is actually my co-worker’s first date idea, so I can’t claim this one lol.  Anyway the idea is that you go out for a quick coffee.  If you like your date and you like how things are going, you can continue the date by going somewhere else after coffee or have another snack.  However, if you aren’t feeling the date, then you just have your small cup of coffee and say your goodbye as quick as 20 minutes.  Genius!
Date #2: Take your date on an activity or event that YOU like.
Yes, I said plan a date around something that YOU like. The truth is that you are dating for your own personal gain so why waste your time with a person who can’t really get into the things that you like or someone that is at least willing to give it a try for a few quick hours? Fellas, if you like a sporty or competitive lady then take her indoor rock climbing or to a sporting event. If she’s really girly and is whining the whole time then you know that she isn’t the girl for you and no 3rd date is needed!  Ladies, you get the idea.
I actually told the guys to go bowling on Date #2. Go bowling at one of those club-like bowling alleys. I didn’t suggest this because I’m geek and a champion bowler but because (1) bowling is fun (2) your date will show their competitive side (3) your date will show their silly side. If find that people’s personality really comes out while bowling. If you like the way the date is going, then bowl another game! If not, then you only have to play one game and then call it a night! This is the same concept as “Date #1.”
Date #3: Tell your date to plan the 3rd date.
If Date #2 test passed, then ask your date to plan #3. You may be surprised with Date #3. They could plan something that they like. If you enjoy what they are into, then great! But, if you don’t then you might have learned something about them.
By Date #3, plenty of text exchanges, and plenty of late night phone calls you should know them well enough to know whether or not a 4th date with this person is worth your time.
So, there is my non-scientific dating plan.  Try it!

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