Day 84: Graffiti Candy

From Diana:
Today we had a great day. We started by going to a co-worker’s housewarming & engagement celebration. The food was AMAZING and she was so welcoming. We wish her and her future hubby the best!!
After the housewarming, we headed over to the Red Bull Wrecker’s Yard Graffiti Competition. I’m so glad we made it to this event. There was graffiti eye candy for 3 hours! There were 7 rounds with a surprise theme and 1 winner. The canvases got smaller with each round, making the artist stretch their creativity and skills. While the artist worked the canvas, we watched and enjoyed some good ol’ hip-hop. The rooftop vibe was just what we needed to help us get a taste of home (NYC) on the other side of world. 
This is no black & white post… this is graffiti eye candy full of color. We hope you enjoy!

Winner: Man w/ Hot Dog

Winner: John Lennon

Winner: The Sax

Winner: Mother Nature

Winner: Tantric Sex for Dummies

Winner: Woman w/ Red Bull & Spray Paint

Winner: Police Wrecker
This guys was the overall winner. He was the artist who won with the “Woman w/ Red Bull” (Chance) and “The Sax”(Music)
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