Day 79: Health & Wellness Update 5

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Hello hello hello,

Back again with another Health & Wellness Challenge update!! Can’t believe its week 10 already. That means I’m a quarter of the way through! This week you won’t be getting a picture of me. I figure, if you have joined me in the lifestyle change, the calories I intake and foods I eat, would be more useful knowledge. I know you’ll miss my man boobs but don’t be too upset. 

The Diet I’m on is something I made up based on foods that I can deal with on a regular basis. Foods I wouldn’t get tired of. 
Diet is based on 1600 calories. The expected result is 2-3lb loss per week. 


The energy I expend on cardio is used to offset my caloric intake. This is a conservative but accurate estimate. The reason I do not include strength training is because it is to difficult for me to measure. 
40min jog on treadmill @ 6mph (10 min mile)- 797 calories burned
20min Eliptical @ 6mph- 329 calories burned
This is my normal cardio workout, done at the end of my strength training. 
Variations may include 30min run with 30min elliptical, but always a solid hour of cardio. 

My breakfast is normally, about a cup to 1-1/2 cups of Muesli. I eat it with about a cup of whole milk. 
Occasionally I’ll have a banana and a protein shake with 8-10oz of organic soy milk. 

Calorie break down: 374 total – 484 w/ protein drink
Banana- 80
Muesli (contains nuts and dried fruits)- 219
1/2 cup Whole Milk- 75
(Protein Drink- 110)

My lunch is very basic. You might even call it bland. However, its what I like and If I’m really feeling wild & crazy, I‘ll bake some chicken thighs and maybe even use a dressing like balsamic vinegarette. I eat about 30g of mixed mesclun salad with a can (185g) of yellow fin tuna. For a dressing I use either 2 or 3 tblsp’s of vinegar or I’ll squeeze half a medium sized lime with a small pinch of salt and pepper.

Calorie break down: 386 total – 496 w/ Protein drink
Mixed green salad with Balsamic vinegarette- 280
Yellow fin Tuna- 106

Dinner is a mix of different meats. I like to keep it simple. I usually focus on the protein to fill me up and use a vegetable or two so the plate doesn’t look so baron. 
Tonight we are eating baked Salmon (150g serving) and (2 cup serving) Broccoli. 

Calorie break down:  270 – 380 w/ Protein drink
Baked Salmon- 210
Steamed Broccoli- 60 

I usually don’t snack during the day. I tend to snack in the few hours after dinner as we watch TV and prepare for bed. I don’t snack every day because 1) Its a hassle going to Cosco to buy Craisins and 2) its a hassle to go to Aldi and buy Cashews. So I make it last. Those are my two normal snacks 1/3 cup (40g) Craisins, and 1/4 cup sea salted Cashews. My usual substitutions are sliced peaches and pistachios. 

Calorie break down: 312
Craisins- 130
Cashews- 182

If you read this far down, good job. If you skimmed to get to the results, you stink. 

Body Composition Summary- Courtesy Genesis  Fitness 
Height:177 I didn’t get taller 😦 
Weight: 242 lbs thats right bitches, 2   4   2  p  o  u  n  d  s
BMI: 35.3 I went down 2.4 pts
Fat mass- 90.17 lbs
Fat free mass- 151.83 lbs
% body fat- 37%

42 more pounds to go. See you guys in two weeks.
And as always, let me hear about your personal gains and losses. 
I am interested in hearing any insight you guys may have. 
I am open to any advice and ready to offer my own if needed.

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