From Diana:
As I was packing for the temporary move down under one of the hardest decisions I had to make was: Which earrings do I bring with me?! 
Don’t think this is a tough decision? Well, if you didn’t know… I LOVE LOVE LOVE earrings and I own well over 60 pairs of earrings. In the end, I managed to only bring 42 pairs of earrings with me (no, I’m not exaggerating).  I also had to make the hard decision NOT to bring my favorite and amazingly fabulous jewelry caddy that was gifted to me by my Lovie’s mom (Ms. Brenda!) <– She's the bestest! I have a serious affection for my earrings.  They are my little treasures.  
Now, I am down under with only half of my collection (incl. some of my other accessories) and without a jewelry caddy.  I was so concerned that my fabulous earrings would break and be destroyed in the small box I was keeping them in. And so in comes the husbantry to the rescue!
I asked Adonis to make a jewelry caddy for me! <— simple right? He didn't say "Hell no woman! Go buy one." Oh no… Homeboy went to the hobby shop, bought wood, razors, glue, paint, hooks, etc. etc. When I got home from work he had about 5 different designs for me to choose from and they were drafted on graph paper!! Yes, graph paper! He even built in support brackets to hold all the weight. Yes, my hubster is an ultra-creative-handy-genius! 
The husbantry worked hard and through a display of affection for me created a unique and (surprisingly) functional caddy for my 42 earrings, 13 bracelets, 8 necklaces, and 1 anklet.
It’s hard to tell because of the earrings, but the painted design is his rendering of a Japanese Cherry Blossom. Yup, this is his creation:

6 Replies to “Day 67: Display of Affection”

  1. Thank you ladies!! Glad you like it! Diana says if I make one for anyone else, it can't be as nice as hers hahaha J/K…
    Also, being that we're here, does that mean I put a made in Australia sticker on it? Or do we get a pass since we're American? lol


  2. This is GREAT….and so sweet of Adonis! I don't know him all like that…but I like him 🙂 hehehe points for the “husbantry” lol

    <3 leash


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