Day 65: Health and Wellness Update 4

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Hey guys,
I’m back again with another challenge update. I hope those of you who have decided to try your own health and wellness challenge, have seen good gains and you continue to achieve the successes you strive for (including you mama Tobar). If you have achieved goals that you are proud of, I would love to hear your stories and any advice you have to offer!!

Since the last update I decided to go on a diet. I figured that my original plan for this whole process was better for maintenance since I wasn’t seeing much in the way of weight loss, even though I was losing the fat. In the two weeks from wk-6 to wk-8 I have lost 6 lbs. I lost in two weeks what it took me 6 weeks to lose previously. So, I would say the diet is working out great.

 I haven’t been taking any supplements such as protein powder, creatine, or amino acids. My gains and loses have been au naturale (the past 3 wks). I should be receiving a nice lil’ package from Vitamin Shoppe tomorrow, or wednesday. Since we are headed to Fiji this week, I will start on my supplementation two mondays from now. I am aiming for another 6 lbs from now till then so look out for the wk 10 update!!

Total weight-loss is 13 lbs

Bonus I.  My May goal of running 5 miles was accomplished on the 31st. This is officially the longest distance I have run in my life!! It took me an 1hr 20m and I literally lost a couple of lbs that day. I dropped from 265 lbs start of the day to 262 lbs!!  June goal is 7 miles, however, if I achieve this goal earlier than planned, I will push to 10 miles :oO

Happy dieting! Oh and enjoy the start of your summer! Its winter here 😦

BONUS II.  For those of you that like the fun photo stuff we do. I don’t know why I let  Diana post a “for her eyes only” photo, but its fun so whatever….. and for those of you that didn’t know I paint, thats my latest painting hanging on the wall. Enjoy!

From Diana:
Real quick:  Since Adonis has gone on a diet I felt the need to support him. He has given up eating what he normally eats, so there’s no way I was going to continue eating the things we like in front of him. I can’t afford to be on a diet – let’s face it, I can’t afford and I don’t want to lose the weight. So, while Adonis is on this diet (1) I am off the sweets! This is hard, since I’ve recently developed a sweet tooth. (2) I have also dramatically decreased my carb intake. While my hubster is on a diet I will be eating the same dinners he eats. Finally, (3) I am only drinking water (no soda, no juice). I’m his #1 Fan and his #1 Supporter.

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