Sorry this one is late peoples!  Yesterday we had a walk intensive day.  We started out by trying to find swim trunks for Adonis since he forgot his back home! (grrr).  We found some, for $80-$120!!! WTF?? No, we didn’t get those.  Then we also found me a super cute carry-on (photo coming soon).
We took the opportunity to stop by one of our new favorite restaurants in Melbourne: Grill Steak Seafood.  They have amazing food!! We stopped by for some appetizers before going back home.  We had the “Salt & Pepper Squid” (aka Calamri) and the scallops —- YUUUUUM!!! 
One of our favorite things about Melbourne is that you can dine outside in the winter… with your coat off!  Yes, it’s like the 4th day of winter here at we sat outside to enjoy our appetizers!  All restaurants with outside seating have heat lamps that keep you nice and toasty as you eat outside.
Oh, and appetizers are called “Entrees” here and what we call entrees are called “Mains” here.  It confused us at first, but we caught on quickly.  
I was so exhausted when I got back home that I didn’t have the strength to post — dramatic, right?
Fiji in T-4 days!!

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