Day 59: Boom Boom Kat a Boom Kat

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From Diana:
Oh man, where do I begin??

I love to dance …. and, of course, I love to dance Hip-Hop.  I decided to give a hip-hop dancing class a try.  I also decided to jump right into the intermediate class.

Huh? What was that? Have I ever taken a dance class ever in my life? Uh, No.
Have I ever tried to follow any real choreography? Uh…. does Dance Central count? No, it doesn’t? Ok, so then the answer is “No”

So why did I decide to hop right into the intermediate class? Well I figure that I can dance, I have rhythm, I’ve done some dance performances before, I watch all the dance movies that come out, annnnnnd I’m really good at Dance Central! (hahahahaha). Uh, yea …. none of that logic was very logical.  The 28 years of booty wall dancing, whinin’ and grindin’, spanish dancing, and knowing all the latest dance moves did NOT help me, at all.  Honestly, the real reason I decided to go intermediate was so that I can get a gauge as to whether it was too hard for me or just right.

Guess what?  The intermediate hip-hop dance class kicked my ass!!  I couldn’t keep up.  It pains me to admit it.  Ego was bruised today. In all fairness, the dance moves were not hard at all.  But… (1) I couldn’t remember all the moves (there were like 30 moves) (2) it was fast paced and (3) my body just isn’t built for this, hahahaha.  I’m damn near 30 and I’m in there dancing with late teens/early 20 yr olds.

I shall be attending the beginners class!  No, I’m not giving up dance crew dreams.  It’s just going to take longer than originally planned.

Big shout out to the husbantry!  He encouraged me throughout the class when I looked back at him like “WTF?!” And, he didn’t let me quit (all 3 times I tried to sit down to stop the self-inflicted embarrassment)!  Thank you boo!

2 Replies to “Day 59: Boom Boom Kat a Boom Kat”

  1. LMAO @ “self inflicted embarassament.” Hey, at least you gave it a try. And now you know what you need to do from here on out. I want to take a hip hop dance class, fortunately for me, I am aware that I need to start in a beginner's class. ;-p

    <3 leash


  2. I responded to ur post on my blog, but wanted to make sure you see it! I did read this story and LOVED it! (i actually read everyday but am pretty bad at commenting- but I will be stepping up my comment game!) This story is so funny and cute! I love that Adonis had your back when you wanted to quit! TOO CUTE!


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