Day 57: Hangover Part 3

From Diana:
Yesterday started off a bit slow.  I went to get my hair cut while Adonis worked it out at the gym.  In the afternoon we quickly went to the market and then began to get dressed for our date night… and oh man, was it an amazing date night.  It made it’s way up to the “Top 3 Date Nights” list. We watched Hangover 2 (which was hilarious!) and then we made our way to the restaurant: Copacabana.  Simple, right? Nah, not so much.

When we first walked into the restaurant, it was buzzing.  There were people everywhere, you could smell the food in the air, and you could hear the music playing faintly in the background. They had a buffet for the amazingly delicious sides.  Even though the line for the buffet was ridiculously long, it was worth it.  Copacabana is a brazilian chorrasco (brazilian barbeque) so there were guys that came around each table offering up to 7 different types of meats (roasted lamb, pork, chicken wings, chicken drum, prime rib, beef)… and I even tried chicken heart!! It was sooo good! Each and every meat that was served was amazing! <–  I can't use the word enough.  As if the sides and meat weren't enough, dessert was served…. OMG, I swear I wish I could have fit more food because it was THAT good.  Adonis stopped and said that he thought he took me on HIS dream date lol. As the night progressed we felt like we were transported to another country!  Brazil, to be exact.  We were so immersed in the food, people, and music that we felt like our passports deserved a stamp! After dinner and dessert were done, everyone's tables were cleared and the dancing/performances began.  We danced the food off at the restaurant and then headed next door where they were playing hip-hop.  It was clear that it was late, we were drunk, and it was just time to head home lol.  Needless to say that after two shots of patron, a bottle and a half of wine, and a fishbowl drink later, I was so hungover this morning.

It was so much fun!!  Check out the video we made of our day & date night — yes, we are serious.  We fully filmed and produced a 5 minute video.  Adonis and I both filmed, I put the video together, and Adonis created some original music for the video.  So, without further adieu … we present our first-ever short film!!  We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed filming and creating it.

3 Replies to “Day 57: Hangover Part 3”

  1. This was amazing…you two are so creative and fun. It reminded me of the independent flims i love, thanks for sharing–the beat was crazy too loved it all. Oh and Diana you are gorgeous, makeup was fab. I want to do a vid as soon as you get back. Love you guys.


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