We had a cutsie night tonight.  We enjoyed the Seafood Celebration at the Casino.  These poor shrimp didn’t stand a chance.  I will admit that I was freaked out!  The shrimp came out with the head and eyes! If you don’t know me, then know that I am freaked out by some seafood. lol.  For example, I love calamari, but I can only eat the circle ones…. no tentacles for me! Ew.  I feel like they are going to come alive and move around in my mouth.  I know they aren’t, but just the thought of it is enough for me to stay away.  Similar thing happened with the shrimp (or “prawns” as they are called here).  I felt like the shrimp were watching me rip their brother-shrimp apart.  So, the husbantry tore off all their heads in order for me to continue.  He’s my hero!
After dinner we went bowling! “Kingpin Bowling” is the equivalent of “Lucky Strike” back home:  Fancy bowling for adults. If you don’t know… I am a serious bowler and do not take bowling lightly lol.  Tonight was no different. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do since I haven’t bowled since October 2011 (for my company’s bowling league… oh yea, I just said “league”).  Anywho, the first game is always my warm up game, the 2nd game is always my best game, and the 3rd game is my weakest game.  So we had some fun in the 3rd game.

P.S. Adonis doesn’t like playing any games or competition based activities… because he claims I always win. hehehe.
P.P.S. I have my own bowling shoes and I keep in my trunk year-round…. just in case I need to pull over and bowl.  

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