Day 50: Health & Wellness Update 3

From Adonis:
I think I’ve started this out wrong. Originally my logic was that I would continue eating healthily with smaller portions and workout more. While I’ve seen results, they’re just not meeting my expectations. What has happened is that i’ve been able to maintain my weight, losing less than a pound per week. I am looking to lose between 3 and 5 pounds per week. So as much as I don’t care for a diet, I am going on one. BLahhhh. I’m going to take this month very seriously. I’m talking salad, tuna, and grilled chicken. No pasta,  no potatoes, no cereal, milk, cheese etc… Stay tuned. I’m excited for a very progressive month to come. Also, I am starting Mixed Martial Arts @ Melbourne Martial Arts Academy. I’ll be getting a mix  of boxing, may thai, and cage fighting, sooo we’ll see how that goes. 
Progress pictures, wk1 to now, week 6. Total weight lost is 6 pounds.