Day 45: Dependable Service

Yes, Adonis has dependable service… No, not that type of dependable services you lil’ freak nasties! 
All I’m saying is that my husband is the one person I can count on to have my back, no matter what.  He treats me like I’m the most important in the world and it makes me feel like nothing else matters.  
I once read a book that described the difference between being dependent, independent, and inter-dependent.  Ok, I’ll try to summarize:  
When you are someone who is dependent on someone else to get by in life, it shows you are incapable of progressing on your own.  
When you are an independent person, it shows that you are a strong person and can achieve many things on your own.  Now, ladies… we always claim to be “independent woman” (queue the Destiny’s Child song… Ok, now cut)  and claim that “we don’t need no man to help us”.  Well, according to this philosophy, if you think that way then you aren’t going to be able to reach your maximum potential.  
“Interdependent” is the level after “dependent”.  By being interdependent on someone else you achieve more than what you could ever do on your own.  Let me pause || real quick… You can only be interdependent if you are a independent person.  Someone who is dependent can’t ever be on this level...
Being interdependent in a relationship, according to this philosophy, does not mean you are dependent on your partner.  It means that you two work together.  It means you pick up where he leaves off and he fills in your weaknesses so that together, as a unit, you progress and help each other grow and achieve.  Listen to what I am saying:  You can achieve great things as your own.  But, if you have a great partner in your life, you can achieve soooooo much more.
Think about it.    Are you going to stop at being an “independent woman” — or will you take it one step further and be interdependent??  Better yet, is your current partner someone you can be interdependent with??
Side Note: This philosophy isn’t only for romantic relationships.  It can apply to any relationship (business, personal, etc.).