We had a mucho busy day today, but kind of by mistake!  We started off by going to the Buddah Day Festival.  Lots of multicultural performances and great foooood!!  
Then, we headed over to the Rose St. Artist Market (off of Brunswick St.).  Unfortunately, our artist guy wasn’t there so we couldn’t pick up our small painting.  But, we had the opportunity to snap some photos of the hip-hop wall and see some of the artists do what they do.  I can really appreciate their art…. especially since this wall had many NYC elements.  
After that, we headed to Chapel St. and then we went to a Tanzania fundraiser event. We got small doses of culture today: Buddha, Hip Hop, and Tanzania.  
I’ll post more details later but that’s all from now.  I’m exhausted and ready to crash!!
On another quick note before I knock out:  Look how much the tulips have improved their posture compared to yesterday!!  They started off slouchy and falling over the vase.  Now they are standing straight up!  We noticed a difference only a few hours after I snapped the photo in the previous post.  They’re alive and like our home!!
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