Here are this week’s flowers:  The orange tulips!  sorry for not posting last week’s flowers on the blog but I did post them on FB.  I’m actually really excited about these tulips.  The feel (and look) strong.  I’ll be posting an updated picture once they open up.  
Today we explored Sydney Rd. in Brunswick.  It’s a quick tram ride away.  Sydney Rd was full of international food spots, many bridal shops, and international supermarkets.  I got the tulips from a florist on Sydney Rd. and I also picked up a rice pot so I can make some arroz con pollo!
A few weeks ago Adonis was watching the show “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations” and they had a show in Melbourne.  He jotted down some food spots from the show, two of which were on Sydney Rd so that’s why we headed there today.  One of the food spots was “Town Hall Kebabs”.  This was a small truck outside which is also a car wash and they also serve coffee, so it’s a Kebab Car Wash Cafe (lol).  We had to have these Kebabs and man o’ man they were delicious!  Sorry, there are no photos of the Kebabs because we were too busy eating to think about snapping a photo.

One Reply to “Day 42: Orange Tulips”

  1. my goodness I swear I am in awe of your pics..I try to read but I can't stop looking at your pics it feels like I am there and I don't even have to read lol.


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