From Diana:
Sometimes I tend to think of “things” as just “things”.  But, I do have very few prized possessions that I treat with care and love.  These treasures include jewelry, shoes, photos, etc. etc.   The point is that I treat my treasures like treasures.  Like the little treasure chest above.  It holds one of my prize possessions every night … but the box itself is one of my little treasures.  I love the details of the box.  I basically take it with me whenever I’m away from home.  My treasures range from very expensive to cheap!!  No matter the price, their value is high in my book.  
What are your treasures??
Side Note:  I’m going to start bringing these back, so keep an eye out for them:
Not sure what’s up with the yellow corners.  Once the internet starts acting up I’ll have to edit that out, looks bad.

4 Replies to “Day 36: Little Treasure Chest”

  1. I like the yellow corners from some reason makes it look vintage or like that coffee stain I have seen done in scrapbooking..anyway treasures are nice always great to have something and think of passing down one day!

    yaya bring back the long live lopez and I am totally gonna be a follower!


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