Day 27: Lemon Lime Thai is Fine

We had been craving Thai food for quite some time, so we went out after I got out of work for some drinks and some Thai!  We actually saw the Cookie Monster step out of a cab tonight.

Real quick… let’s talk about “date night” — real quick, I promise.

Fellas … “date night” is NOT
          … saying “Hey, want to grab a quick bite?”
          … going to see the a new movie and saying “Want to go?”
          … spontaneously going to dinner while you are already out running errands together
          … road tripping to see family.

“Date Night” IS declaring a night a “date night” getting a fresh cut, possibly a new outfit, shaving… and ladies, it is getting your hair done, getting a new cute outfit that shows off your body, smelling good, getting your nails and toes done……  Date night is leaving your celli at home, forgetting about Facebook updates….  and then going out with your man as if it was the first or second time you are ever seeing him.  Try it one night, and you’ll notice the difference.

2 thoughts on “Day 27: Lemon Lime Thai is Fine

  1. DATE NIGHT!! Mr and Mrs Tripplehorn…

    Thai food is yummy, my dad and his gf put me and bryce on to it a few months ago and we are hooked! Glad you had a good planned and well executed date nite!


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