From Adonis:
Ahh what a great cap to the holiday weekend. This evening we went out for dinner at one of our favorite Mexican Inspired restaurants, Amigos. As per usual, the food was amazing. Diana even commented that it was our best meal in Oz. Considering the place was packed, we didn’t have a wait to be seated and the atmosphere was considerably intimate, despite being quite literally four inches away from a party of four. Diana ordered the Chef’s combination which included a hard shell taco, a taquito, and I think a burrito. As for her adult beverage, The Pink Cadillac.  I ordered the grilled chicken enchiladas with a Passion fruit Caiprinha. After the Maitre d’ rolled us out of the restaurant, we took a short walk down the ave. in St. Kilda. We eventually passed Luna Park, and arrived at the Palais Theatre. We enjoyed a great show by John Legend and an opening act named Lowrider (Australian Soul/Funk). Funny enough, the lead singer of lowrider reminded me of Russell Brand. From where we were sitting I couldn’t see his face clearly enough to prove this thought wrong. So, I pretty much watched Russell Brand perform, which made watching their performance that much more enjoyable.  All in all it was a good Easter.

On a personal note, I can’t wait for everyone to start going back to work. Everyone is off, which means everyone is out and about interrupting my daily routine of doing nothing all day. Furthermore, with everyone being home they’re tying up the internet, which has been devastatingly slow since friday. Hopefully my theory is right, and we’ve been computer-less because of the abnormally high level of traffic. Otherwise, my first call in the morning will be to the cable company!!!

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