From Diana:
My New Year’s  Resolution was to keep fresh flowers in the house all year long.  Well, I made that resolution without thinking because I knew at that point that I’d be in Australia.  I actually started to keep fresh flowers well before the New Year and I was doing good…. until I got here.  Today we went food shopping (again) and I decided to restart.  Got myself these lovely bright flowers and a new vase.  I’m excited about the different flowers I’ll bring home.  Bad news is that flowers here are ridiculously expensive!! (surprised??? maybe not).  Good news is that I’m motivated to bring home some beauties! 
Side Note: the internet was super dumb crazy slow today!!  So, this isn’t the photo I would have chosen to upload but I had to take advantage of the connection while it was available.  Enjoy!

2 Replies to “Day 22: Flower Power”

  1. Yes! i love fresh flowers and when you told me you were going to keep fresh flowers in your house it didn't hit me until everytime we came to visit there was a gorgeous array of flowers…now I promise myself fresh flowers once a month until we are in our own place and space then I will be more consistent! Thank you 🙂


  2. I love how something so small can just bring life to my surroundings. I heard something on TV the other day: Your home should rise up to meet you. In other words, when you enter your home, you should have a feeling of being welcomed and “hugged” by your home. I think flowers help do this.


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