Day 19: Who’s there?

From Diana:
People used to ask me if I have a “type”.  My answer would always be “No”.  I think it’s very interesting when people have a type.  It’s even more interesting when they continue the same type and it doesn’t work out — but they keep going back to that same type!

If you continue to date people who look the same and who act the same as your ex — then what makes you think that it will work out this time?  I know instances where it has worked — but most of the time it doesn’t.  I do strongly believe that there are certain qualities that you should not be willing to compromise when looking for a partner.  For example, I like it when a guy makes me laugh.  I know I couldn’t be with a guy that had zero sense of humor and was too stuffy to make a fool out of themselves every  now and again.

But you have men and women out there who are not willing to compromise the superficial in order to meet a great guy.  Women are concerned about what a man can buy them and men are concerned about how big her booty is…. c’mon, date men/women that you normally wouldn’t date.  What’s the worse that can happen?  Don’t worry about whether or not your friends will think he’s cute or if your friends think she’s a dime+99.

Let me just say that I know it is important to be attracted to your partner.  I’m just saying every now and again, look past the exterior for a little bit and you might just find the (wo)man of your dreams!  You never know who’s there.

– Best case scenario: You find the love of your life! You’re other half.
– Worst case scenario: You wasted your time on a date.  OK, but at least it was a waste for one night and not a waste for months dating the same type of guy (or lady) you normally date.

Remember the 80/20 Rule:  If a person has 80% of what you are looking for, then don’t let them go!! Evaluate how important the lacking 20% is because you might have just lost your soulmate.