From Diana:
People used to ask me if I have a “type”.  My answer would always be “No”.  I think it’s very interesting when people have a type.  It’s even more interesting when they continue the same type and it doesn’t work out — but they keep going back to that same type!

If you continue to date people who look the same and who act the same as your ex — then what makes you think that it will work out this time?  I know instances where it has worked — but most of the time it doesn’t.  I do strongly believe that there are certain qualities that you should not be willing to compromise when looking for a partner.  For example, I like it when a guy makes me laugh.  I know I couldn’t be with a guy that had zero sense of humor and was too stuffy to make a fool out of themselves every  now and again.

But you have men and women out there who are not willing to compromise the superficial in order to meet a great guy.  Women are concerned about what a man can buy them and men are concerned about how big her booty is…. c’mon, date men/women that you normally wouldn’t date.  What’s the worse that can happen?  Don’t worry about whether or not your friends will think he’s cute or if your friends think she’s a dime+99.

Let me just say that I know it is important to be attracted to your partner.  I’m just saying every now and again, look past the exterior for a little bit and you might just find the (wo)man of your dreams!  You never know who’s there.

– Best case scenario: You find the love of your life! You’re other half.
– Worst case scenario: You wasted your time on a date.  OK, but at least it was a waste for one night and not a waste for months dating the same type of guy (or lady) you normally date.

Remember the 80/20 Rule:  If a person has 80% of what you are looking for, then don’t let them go!! Evaluate how important the lacking 20% is because you might have just lost your soulmate.

5 Replies to “Day 19: Who’s there?”

  1. ooooo I love this blog! Equal opportunity dater here haha and all about finding the love of my life! But I ask how did you take the pic thru the peep hole?


  2. One of my dear friends, krishna sent me your blog and I truly enjoy reading your daily insight of love, marriage, life etc! This specific post hits home and I was just having a conversation about this topic with her recently. I continue to attract the same type of male and I need to expand my dating horizons and not focus so much on the superficial. So thank you for the reminder 🙂


  3. Hi Jess!! Welcome to our wacky little world! I'm so excited that we helped by giving a little reminder. You might find that your type is what you like and that is it… or you might find that what you THOUGHT was your type… really isn't! Happy dating!


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