Day 16: Health & Wellness Challenge

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From Adonis:
I have always tried to use my insecurities as a strength. One of the things I’ve always dealt with since I was a child is a condition known as gynecomastia. It was always something that made me at times, not feel as confident as I wanted to be. For those of you that don’t know what gynecomastia is, quite simply it is the fatty tissue that men have on their chest that makes it look like they have boobies. This along with being overweight, has been a long standing issue at times in my life. However, my friends have always made me feel better about it without knowing they have and in the most immature ways possible. I thank them for that! Whether calling me names or grabbing on my breasticles they helped to show me that it was not that big of a deal. Its weird to think about, but them pointing out the one thing that made me feel the most exposed and self conscious, was what made me more comfortable in my own skin. Like most things I turned it into a positive. I used it as motivation when I was lacking the energy to hit the gym and used it as a strength if I was ever feeling down.

Joining Diana in Oz is allowing me to get back on track. Back in the gym and focused on my health. All too often we get caught up in our work and family lives that we forget to take care of ourselves, and I have let myself fall victim. Now that I’m in a controlled environment I’m more ready than ever to lose the weight and get healthy. As for the gynecomastia, the only thing that will suitably treat the condition is surgery. I’ll be tackling that issue later in the year!

One of the reasons I decided to post this subject on the blog is because I realize that a lot of people face challenges when it comes to losing weight. We all seem to look for the magic pill and want immediate results. What I think works best though, is losing weight over time and eating realistically. I want to bring attention to the issue because unfortunately some of us face medical and physiological limitations that prevent us from doing activities that promote a healthy life style. It can be arthritis, or a disease like lymes, that wrecks a person’s body. Either way we all face challenges. Sorry, you wont be seeing dramatic results here. Keep in mind I AM NOT dieting. I eat healthy normally, but my portions were too large and I was eating wayyyy to late! I am hitting the gym now four days a week. My exercises include weightlifting and cardio,  2 or miles per workout. As a reference I use the elliptical and treadmill, about 15-20 min’s on each (variable spd & steep incl.).  I will be posting a weekly  or biweekly progress picture so keep tuned!

So I challenge you to join me on my journey! If you have a couple lbs to lose, drop em’. If you just want to show support, let me hear your words of encouragement.   

Here are my baselines: 
  • BMI-  37.7 est. This is pretty much morbidly obese (I think the BMI is outdated…)
  • Height: 5’10
  • Starting weight: 263lbs
  • weight loss goal: 65lbs
  • Time period: 9 months 

On the flip side, I took a physical and blood tests before leaving the US, and I am medically healthy! I scored in highest level. Diana however scored in an exceptional category, a place reserved for athletes. So as she says, she works out to eat unhealthily….whatever flaca

10 Replies to “Day 16: Health & Wellness Challenge”

  1. You can do it Adonis!!!! I may or may not join the challenge. I do want to tone and firm up but I'm not fully ready to emotionally and physical commit. I know my truth. LOL But I support you every step of the way!!!


  2. Good Luck Sir!! You can do it I have dropped over 30 since your wedding…I looked a mess in those Photos!! Just to add to your Mojo inspiration I just ran my first 10K Sunday and finished with the time of 58:35. So if I can get my big self moving you surely can brother!! We got a “Long” life ahead of us (Pun definitely intended) with great times with our families so do it for you as you mentioned and for us. That's my motivation! So I am with you on this journey


  3. Congrats to you Adonis! I have no doubt that you will be 100% successful in meeting your goal. So happy that you have such a wonderful support system in Diana 🙂


  4. If I can do it you can do it, just think I lost 55lbs in 4 months. When you get back from OZ you and I are running a half marathon, no questions you are doing it. Also I have to agree with Diana I work out so I can eat unhealthy.


  5. I send. You a dare message before…now I am joying you to this journey…I know is not easy but we can do it. You got Diana to support u…..I got both of u…. I have a back and hip problem that is not going to be an excuse anymore…my biggest challenge is eating not healthy but eating. Since, I lock of appetite, drive my metabolism an starvation mode …this is my bigger challenge.

    BMI. 39…..
    Heigth…. 5.1
    Goal……. 35…..8 months

    3 days at the Gym….30m weight lifting…..upper body 30m treadmill. Variation inclination and speed. 15 per mile. So iam doing 2miles + half an hour daily walking..before lunch @ work. (Just started 2 wks ago)

    I m strugling with eating habit but getting there…with my proteins.

    So good luck!!! If I can do it…..why not u


  6. Adonis,

    Andre and I have recently hopped on the health bandwagon as well. Our wedding is our motivation, but not our ending vision. We want to enjoy our years together without worrying about unnecessary health issues! Good luck friend… I am down 12 pounds so far! And as far as Diana is concerned, I agree…WHATEVER FLACA!!!


  7. Be sure to check in with some updates!! I want to know how you guys are progressing. I wanted to use our wedding as motivation too, but working crazy overtime saving for the wedding, and for this year off, I let life get in the way.
    Make me a promise,
    don't let life get in the way…
    in the way of living it!


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