Day 13: Internet Privacy

From Diana:
So it’s almost been two weeks into this project *phew, 352 more days to go* and I have to admit that it’s really out of my comfort zone to put my life on blast like this.  But… I’m committed to the project so I’m willing to put my internet privacy to the side and give myself to this project… and to you.
Even though we only have very few readers (that I know well personally) I feel like all eyes are on me and it feels weird.  It’ll feel more weird when readers I’ve never met start to tune in regularly.  Hopefully I’ll be more comfortable by that time.  Putting myself out there makes me feel vulnerable, which unless you knew me personally, you would never see from our everyday interactions.  I always keep my interactions with different people in my life at different levels.  For example, my co-workers don’t know me like my best friends knows me… and my best friends don’t really know what I’m like at work.  Opening up to EVERYONE at the same time and at the same level will be hard, but my creativity and photography will not improve unless I give all of myself to my art.
With all that said, I do want to hear your feedback, read your comments, and get your ideas/opinions.  So, please don’t hesitate to give constructive criticism on my photography and even the topics we post.