From Adonis:

Today Diana was thinking about tokens… not subway tokens.. or the coins from Dave & Busters, but items in our life that mean something. Like “tokens of appreciation” or trinkets that are handed down within families to the next generation. Specific to US are the key and heart shaped locket that I gave to DIana early on in our relationship.

I remember going to the mall more than 15 years ago with the intentions of buying the first piece of jewelry I had ever purchased for a girlfriend. As I browsed through the different jewelry shops, I realized that (1) I didn’t have enough money to buy something ultra fancy, and (2) I didn’t really understand the significance of buying jewelry for someone. I quickly left the mall, jumped on my mongoose and rode home to think about what I really wanted to get for her. It was during this point that I made a decision about Jewelry. I wouldn’t buy it just to buy it, and if I did buy a piece of jewelry, it would have to mean something. It would have to have significance, no matter how inexpensive or pricey.

I returned to the mall a day or two later with my plan laid out. I bought a 24k gold key and a heart shaped locket that could open up and hold a picture. I told myself that I would save these gifts for the one who earned my trust, and the one who earned my love. And to the one who earned both, they would have the key to my heart. They would most likely be the one. Coincidently, the person who inspired the jewelry purchase, was not the one who ended up receiving these gifts. None of the girls I dated earned these tokens…

… until I met Diana.
Diana earned my trust.
Diana earned my love.

Most importantly, I learned that it was just as important to have earned her trust and her love. I realized that just because I am giving you something doesn’t mean that it will have automatic meaning to you. At least not the same meaning it will have to me. If I gave you pearls the first thing you would see is that I gave you pearls on the other hand if I gave you a diamond ring you may think that I am proposing. The meaning is not just in the giving of the object. The meaning is carried through the object itself, the context in which with its given, and in the intention motivating the action. I gave to Diana, the key and the locket. I explained to her the significance that both had to me and what it meant to me by giving it to her. Although well before marriage talks occurred, I realized early on that it was the right thing to do. I guess subconsciously I knew she was the one, well before I consciously accepted the realization.

From Diana:
I won’t be offended if you don’t believe that sappy story about the purchase of these tokens 15 years ago … cuz I still don’t believe it until this day lol. The important thing is that I truly do appreciate the gift and the meaning behind it.  Even though I don’t believe this story (lol once again) I wear my tokens with pride and I wear them quite often.  They have grown to become full of meaning and I would be devastated if anything were to happen to them before I could pass them down to our kids. 

I love the fact that my man either (A) cared enough to come up with this story or (B) actually is sappy enough to have done this.  Either way, it’s the effort he put forth just for me.  There was no audience to witness this, there was no one to show-off in front of. And, he wasn’t trying to impress me either because what he forgot to mention was that this was actually his first (and last) Valentine’s Day gift to me.  We aren’t into doing the whole cheesy Valentine’s Day thing, but as a new couple, I guess we felt like we had to celebrate in some way.  Our first Valentine’s Day we agreed that we were not allowed to spend more than $20 on each other’s gifts.  He got me these tokens full of meaning…. and I gave him photos of myself (hahaha).
Ladies… please appreciate all the small and big things your man does for you.  Don’t act stank when he doesn’t get you the handbag you want or when he gets you less-than-fresh flowers or when he takes you to a not-so-fancy restaurant that he swears is classy lol.  The point is… he tried and he tried just for you – his lady.  You learn to recognize that and appreciate him for that.  

One Reply to “Day 12: Tokens”

  1. beautiful! thats all I can say oh and lol to not believing in the sappy story I am a hopeless romantic so I will choose to believe that and I didn't roll my eyes when I read the story so its definitely believable lmao and I love the key/heart symbolism


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