From Adonis:  It’s important for me to council my friends as much as they council me, although I recognize a discrepancy in how much I receive to how much I give, but thats another story for another day. What the pressing issue is, is the thought that people find it so easy to give up nowadays. Not just give up, but to simply throw it all away because either they’re too lazy or because they’re too caught up in their pride….ego. 
Well frankly your pride needs to be put to the side and your ego will recover. When you are in a serious committed relationship, you should do what it takes to gain everything you can from it. Even if you know you ARE NOT going to marry who you are with, learn from the experiences you have together. Use your relationship as practice for the “real” thing. Im tired of hearing about how my guy friends left their girl because the sex wasn’t great (because she wasn’t freaky enough, be glad your having sex…good sex at that) or because her body isn’t like the girls you see in South Beach (majority of those women paid for that, besides, she can cook and gets along with all the fellas). 
To me, I like to make the best of whatever the situation is. Even if it sucks….So, in my 2011 Im saying NO DUMPING PERMITTED. Stick it out. Especially if things are inherently good, not just bad because you’re coming up with reasons to argue, to get out of the house. Learn what it is to share dinner at the table together and to have meaningful evening conversation. Bring your man around your girlfriends so he can feel important that he’s present during your “oh-so-special” girl time. Take her to the ball game so she can see what she’s not missing. Find out what it means to be in a relationship before moving on to a new one and having more negative experiences. You can’t expect your partner to change if you haven’t thought about it yourself. So let the change be that you are always willing to give it a go, and that your first instinct isn’t to throw it all away, but to find the problem, seek the solution, and try harder to grow from those experiences. 
From Diana: Whenever Adonis and I had a fight I have to be honest and say that I was never in fear that we would breakup over whatever it is that we arguing about… call me cocky or call him lucky.  Recently someone asked if “taking a break” helped or hurt a relationship.  My answer is: “What the heck is a break?!” You’re either with me or you aren’t.  Relationship limbo once existed in my world… but after I saw what a break did to a person, I said NO MORE WITH THIS ISH! From that point forward, I decided that my relationship status would be “In a Relationship” or “Single” — none of this “It’s complicated” crap.  I’m so glad that Adonis and I set these expectation from early on.  We knew from the very beginning that we were IN this and there was no turning back.  We said NO DUMPING PERMITTED…. and it still isn’t!
Christine….. Did this get your through your whole breakfast?! 😉
Ok, I really have to go now… Adonis is researching mini pet pigs and all you need to know to own one — I have to stop him from this crazy idea. Ay ay ay!!

5 Replies to “Day 11: Don’t throw it all away”

  1. Wow now you both know this hits smack dab in the middle of home for me, ugh. Anywho I am a stick it out kinda hunnie but not many people are anymore it seems like you both mentioned. Thank for the blog and the pic is awesome and so dead on–muah you two


  2. yes!! I love how both of you are blogging! Its nice to hear both male and female perspectives on relationship issues, especially because both men and women swear they understand the other's perspective, when in reality most of them are off by a long shot.

    P.S… love the picture!! 🙂


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