Day 8: Living in America is a bargain

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Unhappy Food Shoppers

We went grocery shopping today.  And, if you didn’t know, let me tell you that food in Melbourne is very expensive.  Shopping for two for a one week period was an interesting shopping experience, especially for Adonis.  I was already introduced to the insane prices, and he knew it was expensive here… but he was reminded once again.

We found ourselves comparing prices, converting Kilos to Pounds, browsing the shelves for similar but less expensive products, and even tweaking our weekly meal plan to accommodate for less expensive foods.  We spent about $150 for one week worth of food (mostly dinners).  Oh … and Australia really isn’t big on coupons *gasp* so no coupon clipping for us.  The fruits and veggies are less expensive at the markets so we didn’t bother buying them at the supermarket but because we woke up a bit late, we couldn’t make it to the markets on time.  When we do though, add another $35 to the bill above!!

Today he said: “I never thought living in America was a bargain” … Well my friends, let me tell you that it is! So, don’t take it for granted.  Run to your local bodega and buy a quarter juice (you can’t find that in a local store here!)…. buy a Laffy Taffy or a Now-A-Later for 10 cents or whatever they cost now… go to the Mexicans selling veggies on the street by the train stations and buy 10 limes for $1… or simply buy a $1 bottle of water from the gas stations because bottled water in Melbourne costs $2.50+.

It was a lazy photo day…. so a quick celli pic will do for today!

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