Day 7: Rainy days aren’t always bad

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We went out for quick snack, drink, and $5 shot!  The rain was not going to stop us tonight.  I had the 2nd best Watermelon Martini I’ve ever had at Ruby Tuesdays on Chapel St! No, not the American Ruby Tuesdays.  The best ever was one night in a restaurant in Melbourne called “Meat & Wine Co.”  Adonis ordered my martini today and said the guy went to the back to grab a piece of watermelon to make the martini with… say what?! We keep it classy! 
It was entertaining taking this photo in the middle of a very busy train station.  Since I left my tripod back in the states, I had to set up the camera on top of the rubbish (trash) bin… or was it the Recycling Bin?  Either way it didn’t matter since they both had the same contents.  And since I left my remote back in the apartment, I had set up a 5 second self-timer, so Adonis kept hurrying me up to get in the shot.  
One of my favorite things about our relationship is that we don’t let little things (i.e. rain) get in the way of whatever it is that we want to do.  
Side note: Adonis doesn’t realize it but he’s an umbrella hog! Yea, I said it! 

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