Longology: The study of life as a ‘Long’ (Intro)

We will officially be together for 5 years 5 months and 5 days by the time this project starts.  Would you believe me if I told you that we have never lived in the same state since we first started dating?  How about if I told you that we are married… and STILL don’t live in the same state or even the same country?  Yea, well it’s true.

Well beginning April 3, we will finally be together under one roof.  I think I’m more excited for this moment than I was on our wedding day! lol.

I love photography (check me out) and I’ve been trying to improve my photography.  I read that a 365 project will boost your creativity and skills, but  I’ve been shying away from a 365 because once I commit to something, I don’t just quit and I knew that in past I just didn’t have the time to commit to such a big effort.  But I’ve decided that now is the time.  I finally have something significant to document:  the first 365 days of us finally being together.  It’s more of a celebration for me so it makes me more excited (and nervous) about this 365 project.

Pause ||  What is a 365 Project? Simple: We will commit to taking one photo a day for an entire year.  Trust me, I know it’s not as easy as it sounds. Yes, we will even snap a photo when we are mad at each other.. *phew!*  However, if you know us, you know that rarely happens and you also know that we are a couple of corn balls so our photos will be interesting.  And, if you don’t know us, then you’re about go get to know us.

A few simple rules:

  • Start Date: Sunday, April 3, 2011
  • One photo per day for 365 days
  • At least one part of our bodies (get your minds out the gutter!!) must be in the photo or something that belongs to both or either of us or a photo that represents our day or is relevant to us.  Can’t be a random shot.
  • The photo must be snapped (or triggered) by me or Adonis

We know that being newly weds and being new co-habitants will challenging enough… now, throw a project like this on top of it and we’ve created a monster-challenge!  But, I know the hubster and I are up for the challenge… BA-RING IT!

We welcome you to watch us during our first 365 days of togetherness!

4 Replies to “Longology: The study of life as a ‘Long’ (Intro)”

  1. I've already decided that Baby Long 1.0 will be documented in a 52 Week project lol. I think being a new mom will keep me too busy for a photo a day- — but we'll see if that changes based off this experience. 🙂


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